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PostSubject: THE RULES~FOLLOW THEM OR DIE!~   Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:08 am

1. VERY importantly DON'T GOD MOD god modding is a horrible and will make many people yell.

God modding is
Auto hitting
Knowing jutsu to powerful for your rank (there are exceptions but for that you'd have to take it up with other people)
Ignoring other peoples posts

2. DONT argue about godmodding complain to a mod an they'll check if its god modding if it isn't shame on you for wasting a mods time

3. You can swear if you want to and find it absolutely necessary, but seriously if you go overboard we'll have to take action

4. Everything you do in a fight should be stated before going into the next stage for example

Naruto: runs at itachi with rasengan in hand
itachi: places naruto in a genjutsu
naruto: HA I was looking at your feet

NONE of that! you must state What your doing before you do it duh >___> you wouldn't run into a door an then say no I didn't it was open would you?

5. Make your posts as detailed as possible. not really a rule but its better that way an it helps with #4

6. DONT SPAM!!!! spammers will be taken by Hidan and sacrificed to Jashin and cheered on by our mods DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR

7. Don't annoy the admins.

8. have fun... well you don't have to but that's what the sites for

SPAMMING WILL BE DELETED NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If the spamming is out of control... say nearly an entire topic.. the topic shall be deleted entirely. There's been several spam complaints already so action is being taken. Notify a mod or admin if there is spam that is getting out of control and we haven't seen yet.

Edit: This is Hidan here officially adding rule 9. You may have 1 alt , and only 1 cannon character. That means you can have say Shikamaru but you can not have an Asuma account too , you have to make up your second character. If you have more than 1 alt and/or more then 1 cannon character , you will be warned and you have to choose which one you want to keep. We are trying to be fair here so you will be 3 warnings before receiving a 1 day ban.

Last edited by Hidan ~Sage of Jashin~ on Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:54 am; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : Rule change)
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Kisame- Same Sennin
Kisame- Same Sennin

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PostSubject: Re: THE RULES~FOLLOW THEM OR DIE!~   Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:02 pm

Maketsu Hyuuga wrote:
*Suddenly the place erupts in mirrors* You shall not leave!!! Chuno pu no Jutsu(Demonic illusion: Baby come back Technique) *From the mirrors step out multiple sasuke, Tobi, Madara, and Itachi. Sasuke is in a blue tux with his hair spiker and shades, itachi is in all black with his hair down and has shades and peircings, Tobi is in all orange and has a mask on, Madara is in all red and infront, all are wearing old disco shorts and tuxedo's.*
*Itachi and sasuke waltz around strumingt he guitar and madara taps his foot*
Tobi: SPending all my nights, all my money is going for you in town~
Itachi and Sasuke: Doing anything just to get you off my mind!
Tobi: Btu when morning comes im right back where i started again~

Madara: Baby come back~ Anytype of fool could see. there was something about everything in you and me~ Bbacy come back! You can blame it all on me~ I was wrong, and i just can live without you~
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