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 Yuudai Amanotobi

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Yuudai Amanotobi

Yuudai Amanotobi

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PostSubject: Yuudai Amanotobi   Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:03 pm

Name: Yuudai Amanotobi

Gender: Male

Village: Mist

Rank: S-Ranked Nin

Age: 18

Height- 5'11"

Weight- 120 lbs

Element: Sunlight , Moonlight

Summonings: None

Bio: Yuudai Amanotobi is a ninja from the Hidden Mist village. He was born into a powerful clan of sunlight wielders. Unfortunately , his clan grew obsessed with power and continued taking their use of it to the limits. They expanded their knowledge greatly but in the end it proved too much to handle the clan's powerful jutsu suddenly started backfiring on them , countless deaths everyday , children watching in awe as their parents were burned and melted on the spot. When the deaths finally stopped , there was no one left but a few small children including Yuudai , those children swore never to make the same mistake as their parents and set out to become powerful ninja. Yuudai is currently an S-ranked ninja and of very high caliber and strength. He holds the powerful sword Amazuki , capable of channeling large amounts of the clan's bloodline chakra in order to focus the otherwise dangerous to use sun releases. He fills a spot in the seven swordsman of the Mist as well , possessing the sword Houzuki. Houzuki allows him to access and use Moon Releases and when he combines his natural Sunlight with the Houzuki's moonlight , he gains a new style called Eclipse.

Jutsu: ( seperate posts )


Equipment: Amazuki
Amazuki, Literally meaning Sun ligth is the twin blade of Houzuki, And was formerly weilded by Maketsu's brother, Suigetsu. Suigetsu ditched the blade which his brother worked hard to make leaving it at his funeral. The Amazuki is a blade that allows Yuudai to use Sun Release, and it also cretaes a large yellow and orange chakra cloak around it.

The Houzuki, Literally meaning Moon Light is wielded formerly by Mangetsu Houzuki, the creator of the blade and currently wielded by Yuudai. The Houzuki was created with the soul purpose of being able to channel and control chakra into silvery chakra natures, This silver chakra that the blade gives off is much more efficient and destructive as normal chakra. Mangetsu is shown it to have a long handle, with a large silver clower hanging at the end, and a small or medium sized blade. Because of the long access handle the Houzuki can be used in a variety of positions to strike with. When the Houzuki comes in contact with a object it send waves of silver Moon Light Chakra through it causing it to explode, this destructive power is unexplainable, meaning the Moon Light Chakra is one of a kind, and only resonated in this sword.

Outfit: ( avy )

Strengths: Bright places and anywhere with light.

weakness's: Total Darkness and anywhere consumed by it.

Abilities: Sun Release

Bloodline: Amanotobi , meaning above the sun, is an almost extinct bloodline with few members. The hard to control powers of the bloodline's special jutsu sun release , often kills many clan members who try to use it too much without some kind of medium like Amazuki to channel the powers through. Yuudai is one of the few surviving clan members who is actually proficient at manipulating the clan jutsu through the use of Amazuki.

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Yuudai Amanotobi

Yuudai Amanotobi

Posts : 2
Join date : 2009-03-02

PostSubject: Re: Yuudai Amanotobi   Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:03 pm

Sun Release: Flash Flicker (Amaton: Shunshin)
Type: D-rank, Supplementary
Sun Release Flash flicker is a advanced art of body flicker used by Yuudai. With this technique yuudai releases light from both palms, blinding them as he moves in a flash to attack or avoide obstacles and targets.

Sun Release: Heating Destroyer (Amaton: Hidaiba)
Type: C-rank, Offensive
Sun Release Heating Destroyer causes a rain of sun light to smash down intot he wind, the wind will eb channeled at the target causinga devastating explosion and destructive impact.

Sun Release: Light Tentacles (Amaton: Kishokushu)
Type: C-rank, Offensive
Sun Release Ligth Tentacles wraps a aura of sun ligth around Yuudai, the sun ligth will then branch off as a large tentacle swapping at the target in terms of a fist or hit.

Sun Release: Heat Armor (Amaton: Hiyoroi)
Type: C-rank, Defensive
Sun Release: Heat Armor creates a thick and concentrated aura of sunligth to form onto Yuudai's body, making it a thick armor which is very defensive.

Sun Release: Two handed Whip (Amaton: Nisen Ben)
Type: C-rank, Offensive
Sun Release Two Handed Whip creates two long and super heated whips of light to emerge in both palms, shooting at the target as small razor like formations form on it.

Sun Release: Exploding Sun Fire (Amaton: Hidaiba no Ama)
Type: B-rank, Offensive
Sun Release Exploding Sun Fire is a jutsu which requires the Amazuki in hand, whipping it around himself, Yuudai sends a wave of fire in all directions out.

Sun Release: Solar Blade (Amaton: Atsukiri)
Type: B-rank, Offensive
Solar Blade is a powerful move involving quick movements combined with a barrage of slashes using the Amazuki, leaving a large aura of orange chakra behind the destroyed target's remains.

Sun Release: Sharp Fang (amaton: Eikiba)
Type: B-rank, Offensive
Solar Release Sharp Fang creates a long and sharp aura of sun ligth around the Amazuki, which can be concentrated enough to a level to fire teh sharp light at the target. Upon contact witht he sun light blast, heat melts through the skin and the blade rips through there body.

Sun Release: Sealed Bomb (Amaton: FÅ«baku)
Type: A-rank, Offensive
Sun Release: Sealed Bomb Palm is a jutsu which covers the ground around teh taegt in large glowing balls of light, if touched they explode, or set off by Yuudai. Yuudai concentrates all his chakra through his blade, and the thick sun aura spreads out into small bomb like balls.

Sun Release: Flaming Palm (Amaton: Hiken)
Type: A-rank, Offenisve
Sun Release: Flaming Palm creates a large heavenly flame to engulf both of Yuudai's hands, as they engulf his hand they take the form of a small dragon head. Yuudai rushes at the target and when close enough he slams his palms foward shooting the dragon liek fire at the target

Moon Release: Dense Cut (Houton: bashizan)
Type: C-rank, Offensive
Moon Release Dense Cut releases a wave of silver chakra from the tip of Yuudai's finger cutting through objects.

Moon Release: Zero Timing Claw (Houton: Reikak Tsubane)
Type: C-rank, Offensive
Moon Release Zero Timing Claw creates a large claw like hand made of silver chakra, the hand is sent slashing at the target ina fury of slilvery blurs.

Moon Release: Pressure Damage (Houton: Atsugai)
Type: C-rank, Offensive
With both palms out stretched and facing the target, Moon Release Pressure Damage sends multiple surges of silver chakra at teh target, ripping through them in rushing blurs.

Moon Release: Heavens Tracker (Houton: Kamitsui)
Type: C-rank, Supplementary
Moon Release Heavens Tracker uses moon light to create sound waves accross the area, from the movements of the target or any odd shape the moon light reflects the info all around allowing yuudai to see everything from the vibrations and track hidden ninja.

Moon and Sun Colliding Eclispe Dance (Hou no Ama Daiba Gyoku Mai)
Type: A-rank, Offensive
While spinning both blades, the Houzuki and Amazuki in his hand, Yuudai begins to channel both there chakra creating a silver and orange aura. While rushing at the target, Yuudai clashes these two together, Creatinga blinding red light, as it seperates teh blade is a red, ont he end of the handle is a red eclipse symbol, and a silver and orange handle.
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Yuudai Amanotobi
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