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 Pyre Misamu

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Pyre Misamu

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PostSubject: Pyre Misamu   Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:22 pm

Name: Pyre Misamu

Gender: Male

Village: Time Village

Rank: Kage

Age: 17

Height: 5"7
Weight: 145lbs

Element: Nature, Time

Summonings: 1.)Blaze - Is a fire dragon that I learned from a person named the Black Mistress on my adventures I had when I was young. Blaze is my most loyal summoning I have.
2.)Marble Spirit's Summoning - Each of my marbles have what is called a marble spirit in them and which each marble is able to come out for me and fight with me.

Bio: From childhood of being royal blood of our clan. I never really liked doing that much stuff, but to become a strong ninja of my clan of the Lunar Moon clan. From there training to become the Lunar Moon’s clans leader and lead my clan to a better future. But a day came that should never of came. The clan got attacked at night by an unknown enemy and many were killed that night even with our power that was very mighty fell to the enemy and we lost. Somehow I survived and then left our clan’s homeland and went out on a search to become strong by learning many styles and techniques to get revenge. On my trips I had around town to town over the months I had gotten word of another survivor of my clan. So what anyone else would do I went on the search for this person. It took me a good time to find that person and came across a huge building that was keeping that person in there. I snuck in to the building and got up to half way of the building and came across skilled fighters but after taking them on I was resting a bit from the victory, but I knew from who was in here I had to keep moving on. I fought my way to the top through all the thugs that were in my way. I found the room where the person was and found a girl named Lunar Wolf and freed her from there and got close almost getting out safely but the people who had her there I came across and had to fight them. From almost dying from to many bullet wounds Lunar Wolf came to my aid and helped me out by unleashing our clans deep power from within. With that made me more powerful and being able to take them down and escape with Lunar Wolf and get away from there. After that Lunar and I got to know each other and she followed me on my quest of becoming stronger to get revenge on our clan. A new has started now and we both had long times together and became two strong fighters to take on. On the way we made some friends and they joined us as well. One day of the lunar moon and the one lunar rainbow that only appeared every 100 years, we were all the lucky ones to see it, but that peace that came went away fast once Lunar and I felt and smelt a familiar smell that had killed our clan. It appeared like the dark moon of the red moon that appeared now in the sky. The name of this person was X Killer the one who had killed our clan with some others but he was here to kill Lunar and I because we had the Lunar Moon’s clan power in us. The battle started and eventually went on for hours even with all of our friends and our powers put together we were close to death from him. The moon shined on both Lunar and I revealing our clans crests on our foreheads. And with them showing X Killer tried to kills us on the spot because he saw them. Around us appeared our fallen clan’s people giving us powers. Lunar and I then saw in the moonlight two weapons for us called the Lunar Sword and Crescent Shield. We both picked up one of them and our clansmen’s power flowed through us and our trues clan’s power unlocked our power of the Lunar Moon Wolf power and had grown the sacred Sepia Wings of the wolf. With that we gained the power to stop X Killer and before he died from us he told us he was proud we were able to unlock the power of the clan. We talked and X Killer told us that he was that very first Sepia to be born and went mad with the power and was happy we used it to stop him to let him rest in peace. With our clan now avenged now we just took it easy, but we knew it wasn’t over yet.

Family Members: None.

Team mates: None.

Sensei: None.

Jutsu: Shadow Clone Jutsu - The ability to make shadow clones.

Fire Body - A past technique to be able to turn into a inferno person and enhances the users attacks of fire jutsus. Can also be used as a skill to torch things by touching them.

Pressure - The user uses his external force of ninjutsu power with taijutsu to be able to forcefully push down things with the force of gravity to make the opponent not able to move very well or move at all from this power.

Lightning Dash - From the power of lightning dash, increases the person on speed and make it look like if they were move as fast as a lightning bolt.

Blind Eye - Blind eye is some kind of power needing to be used by focusing a good amount of the users chakra to be able to manipulate time to slow, speed up, or even stop it if needed to.

Sepia Form - This is a form of a human having the powers of a wolf that has wings and has mystic powers to it.

Finishers: Final Marble - It’s a last resort move to fuse all of my marbles together to form the 11th marble known as Como or better fitted as the final marble. Once placed into Zangato’s slot hole, Energy fills up my Zangato and also transfers into my body as well and turns my Zangato into it’s ultimate form Zengataos. With all of this energy flowing through my Zengataos and I; a transformation goes through me as I turn into a new form of a body with more muscles and with the longer hair that kinda spikes up and the clothes on me turn into chakra clothes from the final marbles energy. In this form I use my sword’s powers of all the marbles all at once and unleash it onto my enemy through a final attack. This temporally will make my enemy think they are slower but it is I who has had his abilities shoot through the roof sky rocketing with power and I move around them fast enough to get behind them and slash through the air and send them through a rift in the air, after they noticed a rift was opened up from me they utterly become paralyzed from another of the marbles powers that causes there nerves to freeze up and not able to move at all. Once they are in the rift I follow in and they are not able to defend them selves from the dimension of nothingness and there they face all there nightmares that go through there soul and make them scared from it and with that I used the rest of the marbles powers to hold the person in place. As that happens I use Zengatoas’s strength with mine to slash them everywhere with each power of the marbles. To end it I use a the rift power again and swing them hard enough to break through the dimensional void flying up in the air with me following up with them and push Zengataos through they’re body like butter with a enhancing chakra slicer coat over Zengataos blade. Having them on my blade I pull there chakra from their body with Zengataos last part of the attack sucking them dry enough of their chakra to make them not be able to move and tossing them off my Zengataos by taking a swing down towards the ground making the rift again with Zengataos and letting them slide off into the dimension and letting them die their and the dimension would let them out as soon as they could not survive no longer but before they bleed to death the on to the ground.

Kage level for final move.

Equipment: Zangato and the special marbles of powers that go with the Zangato sword. 10 marbles to be exact. Each marble is fueled with a different power in them and a different color for each of them. The colors of the marbles are as listed. Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet/Purple, Green, Orange, Brown, Grey, White, and Black. With the different color of marble it does have a creature or being inside of it that gives Zangato powers according to it’s ability.
With each color of marble there are different powers that would go with them as well.

(These are the history’s of the marbles past that I have listed on there.)

Red- With the red marble it resembles the spirit of a true fire master. It also has power enough to be able to even melt anything from almost having a power to the sun’s temperature. Even with that you could burn anything to nothing if not being in control of it’s true power. Being able to use fire is a mighty weapon to use but also to control it to disappear with this marble makes it known as the Sun God’s eye.

Blue- With the blue marble it resembles the spirit of a water master’s power that was once said to be able to rule the oceans and to been able to control sea creatures at it’s command. You can say you could even pull the water out of the air and form water powers and use them. Even knowing this much of being able to control of water it seems even you could healing or destroy someone’s inner body blood with it because of it’s power to control liquid. With the power of the sea creatures at your command it seems like that of a real ruler of the sea had this power to use at will and might have made this marble.

Green- With the green marble it resembles the spirit of a real true nature and healing master. It is also to say the even the power of mother nature was formed into this marble to give it great power of nature and the power of healing. Even with the healing seems like not much but it would look like it would be able to restore anyone’s true body back to perfect health even if they would be missing a body part. They called this marble god’s healing touch. But it is up to also being able to control the power of nature which also could be why it also has a healing power to it.

Yellow-With the yellow marble it resembles the spirit of a true speedster and weather master. With a power to be able to run or move so fast the person that has this could go some where and be back with out being noticed by anything. The weather even adds bonus with the speed, to be able to control any type of weather at the command as they wish to do with.

Orange- This was an unusual marble that was created. With it’s power the person would be able to enter into a spiritual form and become some sort of a ghost and you could say that when the person uses this power they could take control of another person and be not even detected from anything because of this kind of power. To say this could be a deadly power to control to enter in people’s bodies and enter also into there dreams this marble seems to be perfect for any stealth and information gather situation they need to do.

Purple- This was a marble that was found and used with this sword but to know where it was from it had to be somewhere not of this world but from maybe another world or even another dimension. It’s powers of only been known to now to be able to control the power of time, gravity, and also of traveling through dimensions. It must have been used to make sure to keep in order and made sure nothing was out of order. But with this it would seem that it is a power of no normal thing but the most powerful thing you could come across to use. The only one that can truly use this one has to be able to be of great power to control mainly the fabric of peace keeper. But also with it seems to be able to be the most strongest marble of all of them. But why it was able to control of three deadly powers at will could say they could destroy or keep peace to everyone.

Brown- This had to be a person who knew of being with one with themself and one with the energy around them to be able to use. It seems to be of where they had great skill to use there fists and feet seeming to be a fighting genius. To be one with themself and of the energy around them it seems to be of being like in tone with what people would call of yin yang. But to know how to do this it would seem they would know how to truely fight with out being out of tone with himself. Since then with that the user of this power of the marble seems to be calm all the time or be in rage with huge power.

Grey- A marble which could cause of a limitless great defense that made it a great tool to use to protect things of what they wanted to protect. Having this would make it almost seem really you would not have no damage done to you body like if it had the most greatest shield around the person. Even with this great defense it would seem only to do that and nothing else. It would be able to create huge and powerful barriers that would go around all of above ground and also under the ground making mainly impenetrable.

White- You would have to say with the power of this marble it is of almost saying if your were controlling the purest of light. Making it seem as if you could make a person of evil intentions of being demonic things could be purified with this power making it a holy item. Also it seems that you would be to be able to use even life force to your control so it could be able to even use life power from the power of everyone and everything to use even the most strongest attacks used on this marble seem like child’s play against it and send it back at them and making it a true weapon of power out of all the marbles.

Black- It seems that this marble would pull out of even the darkest of all powers that are known to man would even become more darker making this seem like if you were controlling the power of the most evil being and become a ruler of true darkness. With it, you can make anything bow to your knees under the power of darkness and make them have terrible nightmares from this power of the marble. With that power of terrible darkness and it would seem to be able to make others fears come to reality. Even if you think that of being afraid, this marble can use it’s powers to pull out of a persons dreams, fears, or anything that would make them be afraid of something it can form them and control them and use it against anyone that uses this power of the marble. A power to be used wisely and to control peoples fears that could kill them makes it that this marble is the most feared marble out of them all.

Outfit: Wears special type of shoes that are a color of true dark blue and red color and a hint of a silvery grey straps on them. The pants of what I wear are a color of dark blackish blue color with special strapped in coated pockets on them. I wear a shirt that is dyed in the color of the color of a pure night sky blackish blue color. Over that is my draped down to my legs, a cloak jacket with a little of the collar of the Red Harvest moon color and the sign of a blue moon on the back of it as if it were the eye a wolf on it.

Strengths: My friends, tactic strategies, traps, swimming, climb things fast and good like a monkey, treasure hunting, swords, martial arts, and being able to block out who I am hearing when they talk.

Weakness's: Really I don't know my weaknesses but I would say for the weakness's I have. *thinks about it a bit* losing in a match to someone I guess. Also being in the sea way down where there’s no light and you don't know what there is that can get you y'know. The Unknown just scares me.

Abilities: Wigan - Stages 1-16 are so far of how many situations I've been through to be able to unlock in my Wigan. Each level was unlocked from emotions in every kind experience that I went through in life.
What mainly about the Wigan is that it can have the power to bring about anything to the user's need. But what it's powers are separated from stage to stage and each one that is higher it requires and higher need of power or chakra.

Bloodline: Lunar Moon Clan
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Kisame- Same Sennin
Kisame- Same Sennin

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PostSubject: Re: Pyre Misamu   Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:17 pm

FAILED!!! You are a jounin, there is no time village and nature is not a element, Time is a mangekyou power.
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Pyre Misamu
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