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 creation of forest village

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Tamwyn ~Daijurin Sennin~

Tamwyn ~Daijurin Sennin~

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PostSubject: creation of forest village   Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:52 am

*a stranger cloaked in green slowly walks to the middle of a jungle to a very large oak tree* *he does a few handsigns and slams one hand against the tree and one hand onto the ground and the tree slowly begins to twist and grow wider creating a huge office at the top of the tree near the canopy* *the other trees begin to twist and that..creating houses and shops for the fellow shinobi to work and live in* *he looks around* ...this will now be known as the forest village... *the stranger slowly disappears into the office tree to go to his office to think of more plans to build his new village*
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creation of forest village
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