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 Template , use it , or else

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Hidan ~Ketsu Sennin~
Ketsu Sennin
Ketsu Sennin
Hidan ~Ketsu Sennin~

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PostSubject: Template , use it , or else   Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:41 am

All right include this information in your profile , It doesn't have to match exactly, although that does make our lives easier and I like my life being easy, but it has to have the info.



Village: (Village from, village list)

Rank: (Start as an academy student, exams done by a kage or a chuunin selected by kage.)

Age: (Use an age that is reflective of rank.)

Height- centimeters


Element: (once genin pick 1 once jounin pick 2)

Summonings: (Once genin pick one. Once S-rank pick two. Giant summons such as in kyuubu size cannot be summoned until jounin level.)

Bio: (Be as orginal and as descriptive as possible)

Jutsu: keep it to your level plus the limits for the amount of jutsu are
AS-10 Rank: E
Genin-15 Rank: D , C
Chuunin-25 Rank: B
Jounin-35 Rank: A
Kage/S-Rank - Infinite Rank: Any

Finishers: Finishing moves will be strong jutsu that can be used if both players agree on the outcome you may have 5 finishers. in a finisher as it is the end of a fight you MAY autohit but a finisher is only to be used when BOTH players decide on a outcome and the looser is ok with going to hospital or dieing.
NOTE: finishers may be used as normal jutsu but can only be used once per fight and canot autohit in the middle of a fight

Equipment: (Keep this reasonable, you cant hold unlimited kunai and shuriken)

Outfit: (what you look like)

Strengths: e.g. swimming running, intellect ect.

weakness's: e.g. bad swimmer, slow runner dumb ect

Abilities: (All skills not bloodline related.)

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Template , use it , or else
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